Completed Projects

Saint Kevin’s Parish Life Center

The St. Kevin’s Parish Life Center in Springfield, Delaware County, Pa. was completed in early fall of 2002.    The project covered over 13,000 sf. and included a gymnasium, parish offices, conference rooms, public lavatories, storage areas, kitchen, and common areas. Challenges included joining the facility to the existing school, close proximity to other structures, and working during school hours and around multiple public functions. Through value engineering, we realized over 8% in net savings to the owner. This complete, out of the ground project featured a masonry and steel truss structure with Dryvit EFIS skin and EPDM roofing. In use, the gymnasium functions as a multi purpose facility hosting tournament basketball games and many fundraising events. Owner references and contact information for this project can be found on this website.



Design-Build of the first new Mack and Manco Pizza Store to be built in 40 years. The design criteria includes custom “Boardwalk” flooring, custom laminates, complete commercial pizza kitchen facility, walk-in refrigerators/freezers. The design incorporated historical elements of the New Jersey Boardwalk pizza stores to define and strengthen the Mack and Manco Brand. This store is to be the prototype for the Mack and Manco tri-state franchise program.

Putnam Hall

Valley Forge Military Academy and College. Putnam Hall. Complete renovations
of residential facility included new sprinkler system, all carpentry,
electrical, hvac, plumbing, flooring, paint etc. to completely rehab the
building into student housing.

Eastern University

Eastern University:
Construction of athletic gymnasium: Aprox. 12,000 sf of new gymnasium and fitness center. In partnership with the University, HRA performed all masonry, Structural Steel, HVAC, carpentry, and finishes. This was a budget-driven joint venture with the University that provided the facility the school needed at a price they could afford.


Harcum College

Harcum College: Renovation of Cohen Dental labortory/ classroom facility.
Work included complete renovations comprised of all vacuum and gas systems,
plumbing, new partition walls, all finishes etc.


Construction of a catering and marketing facility including a full
restaurant, commercial kitchen, and retail market. Design services included
interior finishes and exterior classical elements.

Coldstone Creamery

Retail fit of multiple Coldstone Creamery stores in the greater Philadelphia
area. Typical project includes a 1500 sf fit out from the “vanilla box” with
all utilities and finishes. Project duration approx. 8 to 10 weeks.

Cabrini College

HRA has completed dozens of projects for Cabrini College over the past 10 years.

Renovations of Grace hall second floor. Conversion of 30+ faculty offices
and storage areas to student housing. Includes all upgrades of sprinklers
and life safety systems and mechanicals. Construction of multiple men’s and
women lavatories and shower rooms.

Cabrini College: Jazzman’s café. Complete demolition of existing cafeteria
space. Total renovation including all underground mechanicals, fixtures and
finishes, soffits, curtain wall. Work completed on a fast-track basis ahead
of schedule and on budget.

Hatboro YMCA

Construction of three- stop elevator in the center of the existing structures. Challenges include performing all of the work while the facility was in operation without risk to emplyees or the public. Core work comprised hand excavation of 12’deep elevator pit, underpinning existing foundations, and construction of the CMU elevator tower to connect lower gymnasium, entry lobby and upper fitness room. HRA has performed multiple projects for the YMCA’s of the greater Phila. vicinity.

Trumark Financial


Construction of Trumark Financial drive through at the home office. Work included all excavation and construction of three bay drive through bays with underground vacuum tube system and ATM kiosk. Included all interior back counter work while bank was in operation. Project was successfully completed on schedule, on budget, without accidents or security issues.