Complete brewpub planning, design, and construction project management.

HRA builds dreams. With our unique Brewpub Playbook approach we map the most efficient, cost effective path from concept to brewing. Rather than each client having to learn the complexities of building a brewpub, we lead the design and construction and offer the services of all the experienced professionals in our broader network. When HRA builds a project we introduce you to the best affiliated services.


  • Accounting
  • Branding
  • Legal: TTB, LCB
  • Legal: Trademark, Partnerships, Agreements, etc.
  • Chef Consulting
  • Kitchen Design Consulting
  • Brewery Design Consulting
  • Insurances
  • Real Estate
  • Front of House Operations
  • back of House Operations
  • Financing: Public. Private
  • Business Plans
  • More…

HRA will introduce you to our network of hand-picked professionals that specialize in the services and consulting required to ensure success in developing and running your brewery.

Don’t Reinvent What We Already Know – Use the Brew Pub Playbook! Use Our Network!