Brewery/ Brewpub

Construction for breweries have many unique aspects, so there are many aspects where working with an experienced company like HRA can save you time and money. HRA brings a unique ‘Brewery/Brewpub Playbook’ to cover all aspects of a successful brewery investment.

Our Brewery/Brewpub Playbook coordinates various aspects of our services as well as a network of professionals with experience in working with brewpub/brewery owners.

In addition to HRA’s expertise in Preconstruction and Construction Project Management, we have a network of professionals covering areas like insurance, financial, marketing, branding, legal, accounting, bonding, etc., that can help you make the most informed decisions for the unique brewing industry.

The process is often drawn out longer for permitting, making sure the end process will meet the township and county standards and overcome their preconceived notions of breweries. There are many factors first time brewery investors may overlook, especially if they bid out for the lowest price to HVAC/Plumbers/Electricians without the knowledge things like the waste water treatment, zoning, special regulations by a variety of state and federal government entities, etc.

When you add bottling to your facility you need to consider additional demands on electricity, air, CO2, sufficient hot water, computers and servers, as well as efficient use of space.

Quite often there is concern about being able to scale up quickly due to higher than expected demand, we help you plan not only for your grand opening but for your long term success.

Helpful Resources:
State Alcohol Beverage Control Boards

Complete brewpub planning, design, and construction project management.

HRA builds dreams. With our unique Brewpub Playbook approach we map the most efficient, cost effective path from concept to brewing. Rather than each client having to learn the complexities of building a brewpub, we lead the design and construction and offer the services of all the experienced professionals in our broader network. When HRA builds a project we introduce you to the best affiliated services.


  • Accounting
  • Branding
  • Legal: TTB, LCB
  • Legal: Trademark, Partnerships, Agreements, etc.
  • Chef Consulting
  • Kitchen Design Consulting
  • Brewery Design Consulting
  • Insurances
  • Real Estate
  • Front of House Operations
  • back of House Operations
  • Financing: Public. Private
  • Business Plans
  • More…

HRA will introduce you to our network of hand-picked professionals that specialize in the services and consulting required to ensure success in developing and running your brewery.

Don’t Reinvent What We Already Know – Use the Brew Pub Playbook! Use Our Network!!